Athletico Newsletter November edition

Thu 30th Nov 2017 - 3:29pm : General : Gaming

CS:GO Male

The AOC CyberGamer LAN was held over the weekend of the 4-5th of November in Adelaide. The competition was between the top four teams on the CyberGamer ladder and provided an excellent challenge for Athletico Gold. While the results of the LAN were not totally in our favour, as always, the experience gained in these live events never goes to waste. Tainted Minds finished at the top of the ladder, followed by Grayhound Gaming, Chiefs and Athletico respectively. Our best of three was against Grayhound and was played over the maps, Cobble, Cache and Nuke. The first two matches were close and went into overtime but the third and final game saw Grayhound take victory with a score of 6 - 16.

On the second day we played Chiefs Esports Club. The matches, again, went into overtime as we fought to stand our ground. Unfortunately, best of three resulted in a victory for Chiefs. Overall, the entire AOC CyberGamer competition is a fantastic chance for players to continually push themselves by playing the best teams in Oceania. Our CS:GO team is looking forward to the next season with both determination and great anticipation.

This is the third month in which our CS:GO Male team has participated in the ESEA Mountain Dew League. We played a total of 7 games throughout the competition and finished equal 6th on the ladder before competing in the finals. During this month Athletico Gold secured 4 wins against Avant Garde, Conspiracy, Tainted Minds and Seadoggs. Our losses were against Corvidae, Riotous and Kings Gaming. That took our team to a total of 9 victories and 7 defeats. After such wonderful results from the entire team, our ___ ‘Texta’ was named the 3rd most valuable player in the entire MDL - overall, an exceptional outcome for CS:GO Gold.

The top eight teams of the ESEA MDL were invited to participate in the online finals over the days of the 21st-23rd of November. All games were best of threes and we played against our usual rivals, Grayhound, Tainted Minds and Chiefs. The matches against Grayhound on the first day were particularly spectacular as we took the first two games with relative ease. The next day a much tougher set against Tainted Minds truly tested our team. The first two games were very close scoring and had us on the edge of our seats. The third match went to an incredible triple overtime, with each round more stressful than the last. Athletico Gold pulled off an amazing win after an incredible 47 rounds on Nuke and a final score of 25 - 22. Our final match of the tournament was against Chiefs on the third day. We ceded the first two matches and Chiefs went on to win the finals. It was an absolutely breathtaking performance from our team and they truly showed the power of their determination and skill throughout the ESEA MDL. We are all looking forward to participating next season and bringing even more finesse next year.

CS:GO Female

The biggest tournament of the year in female CS:GO has finally been completed. The event was held in Perth over the weekend of November 11th and 12th. The top four teams on the ladder competed for the victory and a prize of $3,000 for the first placed team. Our first match was against ViewSonic.DarkSided and our team put up a fantastic fight, despite ceding the match on Inferno 8 - 16. We played the following match against Control Esports in a best of three, however, they took victory on both Cache and Train and the games finished with a score of 2 - 0. The team put up an excellent fight against both opposition teams and placed fourth on in the final result, Control taking out first place. Making it to the LAN itself was the result of many hours of practice and determination on behalf of our CS:GO Female team and we are thrilled with their success. Next season is sure to be another challenge, but one we are eager to tackle. 

Call Of Duty

Call of Duty World League has begun, and the first stages take place in the online GameBattles 2K series. With each match, our team can win Pro Points (PP) which will allows them access to the biggest tournaments held both locally and internationally. On December 12th the team played against Rage Esports Club and secured a best of five resulting in a score of 3 - 0. Next we played SYF Gaming, the score of which was 2 - 3 their way. The second set of matches was the quarter finals in which we played against Tainted Minds and MF. While we managed a 3 - 0 victory against Tainted Minds, MF managed to outscore the team 0 - 3. The final day saw us match up against Unveil nV who, unfortunately, took victory 0 - 3. Overall, it was a terrific performance from one of our newest teams, with every game an opportunity to learn and grow. Our COD teams currently sits in 5th place on the APAC ladder with a total of 8215 PP. The team is greatly anticipating the next 2K serie and the greater tournaments that assuredly await.

PlayerUnknown BattleGround

CyberGamer recently completed its first PlayerUnknown BattleGround Squads FFP competition after the release of the game in March of 2017. PUBG is the newest addition to the Athletico squad and put on an incredible performance in their first tournament under the Athletico banner. The team achieved a well-deserved first place position on the ladder at the conclusion of the regular season with an amazing 7 wins in 25 games, with an average 8.4 kills per game. Following that the CyberGamer Squad FFP Season 1 Finals was played online on the 29th of November. We placed 4th in the finals but not without a fight, with 4 top 3 finishes and an average of 5.2 kills over 9 games.





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