ex-Team Mavericks become Athletico Academy

Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - 10:13am

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the 2017 Athletico Academy roster! The team formally known as MAVERICKS was not just being watched by Athletico’s own Peter "PeetyG" Souvlis – but also had captured the eye of the community as well. After the call for applicants we were overwhelmed with support for MAVERICKS both publicly and privately!

Athletico Academy stands as testament to the coaching and support structure behind Athletico Esports with numerous success stories to date. 

Athletico Esports would like you to officially meet the new Academy squad!


We look forward to working hard with the squad through 2017 to achieve all their goals in and out of the server! #SquadGoals

Athletico ES

Athletico ES

Athletico Esports

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  • Wed 14th Jun 2017 - 12:18am

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