Copenhagen Games: Recap

Wed 19th Apr 2017 - 10:46am : Gaming

After winning WPGI without dropping a single map and solidifying the title as the strongest female team in AU&NZ, Athletico Female took on the next challenge of being the first female team from Australia to compete overseas at the Copenhagen games in Denmark.

The team faced a setback, as core player Cara could not attend the event due to age restrictions and school commitments. Fortunately, the team was able to call upon ARTeMis from Ravens who would do a stellar job filling in.

After an arduous 22+ hour flight, the team finally arrived in Copenhagen and instantly fell in love with the culture and the city. The team was also met with welcoming arms by the Copenhagen Games Staff, who provided an amazing tour.

Rosenborg Castle 

All fun and games aside, the girls were straight into business and began their bootcamp at the DSRack Esports cafe where they practiced, scrimmed European teams, and scrimmed our good friends at Masy. It was an ultimately beneficial experience, offering a great insight into the different playstyles of the European teams, and what to expect on game day.

With Australian pride and spirit flowing strong throughout the team, our European friends fell in love with us instantly. Before we began to play, the girls were already straight in front of the cameras being filmed by Danish TV and content creators. We looked amazing in our BLK jerseys while representing our awesome sponsors at ASUS.

With the groups drawn for the event we were up against the Chinese team Ehome, and European teams Red Reserve and Bad Monkey Gaming. The first match of the tournament would see the girls playing on the main stage against Ehome in a BO1 on Cache. The rounds were extremely close, however we unfortunately went down 10-16.

Losing the first game meant that the next match was extremely important, as It would be an elimination match for Bad Monkey Gaming and Athletico. The BO1 on Overpass was a nailbiter of a game; it was extremely back and forth and all players played exceptionally well, however our Athletico squad managed to close it out and win the game 16-14! This victory allowed us to advance to a BO3 against none other than Ehome in a rematch for a place in the Playoffs.

With our gear ready we were on the main stage and ready for our rematch! The first round would see us on map Cobblestone which was a very back and forth match with tight rounds, unfortunately we were unable to close it out and would fall 11-16 to Ehome. Map 2 was on Overpas; We soon learned that this map was one of Ehomes best, as they showed us an incredibly executed performance on both their T and CT sides. We fell 5-16 and that would end our campaign in Copenhagen.

Although we were disappointed, we were extremely fortunate for the opportunity to be the first female team to represent Australia overseas. The team is incredibly excited for the future. With their competition dreams dashed, the team had time to reflect on what had been a campaign of firsts. Being the first all female team to represent Australia overseas, and be the first to win an international encounter, the girls could take pride in their performance.

After their competition duties had been fulfilled, the team had the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the tournament as spectators, and were approached often for interviews and content. This provided the team with a tremendous amount of international exposure. In true Aussie fashion, the charm and character of the team had won over fans both at home and overseas.



Matthew Woolley

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