Athletico Enter R6S

Thu 18th May 2017 - 1:18pm : Gaming

 It is with our great pleasure to announce the new Athletico Gold Rainbow Six Siege Team.


The roster will consist of:

Vin ‘syliX’ Tam - @sylixgn

Tanzim ‘spas’ Akram - @spas_ATH

Todd ‘Todd’ Francis - @Todd_ATH

Jacob ‘5HM3D’ Pettus - @5HM3D

Daniel ‘NeophyteR’ An - @NeophyteR_ATH


Member of the team Vin ‘syliX’ Tam had this to say on behalf of the team joining the new expansion of Team Athletico:


"It's a great honour to be picked up by Athletico as their Rainbow Six:Siege team. I go way back with the Athletico lads from the CS1.6 days so there's a lot of history and it is fantastic to see them spearhead into a multitude of games in the esports scene. We aim to do the Athletico name proud and by having such a well-known name behind us, we hope to bring more players into the game too." 


Welcome to Athletico fellas!





Thomas Bird

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