Athletico Signs Academy Team

Wed 13th Sep 2017 - 6:16am : Gaming

Athletico is proud to announce the signing of our brand new Academy team! Made up of only the freshest Australian talent, we're confident our Athletes will take us to great heights and beyond! 

When asked about his decision to join Athletico, Kruzyo had the following to say:

"What excites us most about joining Athletico is the guidance, coaching and opportunity to grow under an established organisation."

Our boys are currently barreling through CGA S12 & ESEA Season 26 and are heading towards AEM S3 with heads held high! Check out our full roster below and make sure to follow us on Twitter @AthleticoES for all the latest updates!

  • Joe "MethodNZ" Cooper
  • Timothy "iNvulnerable" Foy-Miller
  • Konstantin "kozzy" Malikov
  • Shawn "Shorn" Phillips
  • Matthew "kruz" Emin


Gabriel Ionica

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