Athletico Newsletter - September edition

Wed 4th Oct 2017 - 11:57am : Gaming

Undead The gamer

Athletico welcomed Undead the Gamer to our stream team in mid-August. Although Undead began streaming in August 2016 he has grown his Twitch community rapidly. He primarily plays shooters such as CS:GO and Playerunknown’s Battleground, and is well known for participating in matches with his viewers. His streams are filled with hilarity and energy - and with his magnificent beard and high level of viewer interaction, Undead’s multiple weekly streams should not be missed! His current schedule is Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights at 7:30pm Sydney time - so click the link down below and stay tuned!

UnDEaDtheGamer Twitch

UnDEaDtheGamer Twitter

CS:GO Male


  • Sam ‘Flickz’ Jones (captain)
  • Tyson ‘Pan1k’ Missak
  • Matthew ‘Texta’ Rouke
  • Jesse ‘InfrequeNT’ Barker
  • Mitchell ‘Sync’ Dale

It has been a big month for our CS:GO Gold team, and the next couple of months are going to get even wilder. One of the biggest international tournaments of the year is being held over the coming months and, like every tournament, will be both exciting and challenging. Boasting a prizepool of $2500,000, ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Masters 2017 held its open qualifier over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of September. While Grayhound Gaming emerged victorious, Althetico took third place behind Kings Gaming Club. The subsequent stages of this tournament will be delivered in two regional competitions (including teams from the AsiaPacific region), culminating in a grand final showdown between teams from all across the globe, to be held in November this year.

Not to be outdone, ESL’s Zen League Season 2 will begin 12th of September with matches being played in each week up until 12th October. The ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) round robin segment consists of six teams, the top two of which will go on to compete against Asian teams at an international level. The ANZ final will be held in Melbourne at a LAN event during PAX Australia. The teams currently set to compete in the round robin event are as follows:

  • Athletico Gold
  • Chiefs Esports Club
  • Grayhound Gaming
  • Kings Gaming Club
  • Legacy
  • Tainted Minds

With these competitors Athletico Gold find themselves up against familiar foes and remain both confident and resolute in the face of the upcoming challenge.  

On the 9th of September the eXTREMESLAND LAN Qualifier 2017 was held at ESL Australia’s Sydney studio. It was a best of three, single elimination event that saw Kings Gaming Club achieve victory over opponents Athletico, Grayhound and Chiefs Esports Club. Although we had a tough initial game against Chiefs Esports Club, particularly in the first half, Athletico Gold made a spectacular comeback and finished 2 - 1. This victory enabled us to secure a match in the Grand Final. Unfortunately, after making it to the LAN’s final match against Kings Gaming Club, we lost 0 - 2. Despite not achieving a placement in the Asia Finals 2017, Athletico Gold put up a valiant fight and are looking forward to the next challenge that awaits.

The recently announced Mountain Dew League, consisting of 17 teams from the ANZ region. The tournament will run for 9 weeks, finishing on the 26th of November. With an unusually high amount of games being played per week MDL will definitely prove an interesting challenge for Athletico Gold. Our first match was on September 28th against DarkSided. While our opponents put up a respectable fight, Athletico Gold achieved victory with a score of 16 - 1 on the map Cobblestone. Later that night we played SIN Gaming on the map Nuke and again pulled through with another 16 - 1 win. After the first round Athletico Gold is definitely placed well for future success and we eagerly anticipate the coming rounds.

Finally, the staple competition of CS:GO in Australia, AOC CyberGamer Spring Season. Athletico Gold are playing in the Professional Division, which will conclude on 16th October. The top four teams will qualify for finals which will be held at a LAN event and streamed live. As of week three, Athletico Gold sits at an even 3 wins and 3 losses with 9 points on the ladder. We are feeling both positive and determined in regards to the upcoming matches.

Peter ‘PeetyG’ Souvlis, coach of Athletico Gold, has provided us with a unique insight into the team’s mentality heading into the final months of 2017:

“The new roster is going extremely well. While our results have been mixed to say the least - each individual player is adapting well to their newly defined roles and we are seeing a noticeable increase in production from the awp position via InfrequeNT. The long term plan for the team is still to increase our depth of strategy over time and to this end the team is achieving well and is on track”.

CS:GO Female


  • Gabrielle ‘kiRa’ Benn (captain)
  • Natasha ‘Yash’ Crawford
  • Brooke ‘Brookeback’ Marks
  • Eileen ‘Eileen’ Bell
  • Ella ‘gbear’ Leung

The most prolific event on the calendar for our female CS:GO team is the WPGI (Women’s Playing Games Internationally) Season 3 which will begin on the 24th of September and run until 26th October. There are six teams competing in the tournament and they are as follows:

  • Athletico Female
  • Kings Gaming Club
  • Trident Esports
  • Reapers
  • Control Esports
  • ViewSonic Dark Sided
  • Dads In Counter Strike

This is the only regular tournament for women in Australian and New Zealand Esports and we are excited to continue being a strong addition to this growing scene. Athletico’s team has a bye for the first round but will be having their first game on October 2nd against Reapers at 6:00pm Sydney time.

“Our team is excited to head into season 3 of WPGI with a new lineup and new approach towards the game. We can't wait to gain experience taking on the other teams in the competition and wish everyone else luck with their future games!” - Gabrielle ‘kiRa’ Benn

CS:GO Academy


  • Joe 'method' Cooper (captain)
  • Konstantin 'KOZZYG’ Malikov
  • Shawn 'Shorn' Phillips
  • Matthew 'kruZ' Emin
  • Timothy 'iNvulnerable' Foy-Miller

The biggest tournament for division 2 teams, Australian Esports Masters (AEM) Season 3, began on October 1st and will finish on December 9-10th at a LAN final in Adelaide. AEM is run in a swiss format which means that the players participating in each match will have similar or identical win/loss ratios. Upon losing 4 matches the team will be eliminated and no team will play each other twice. With around 46 teams competing it will be a fantastic and unique experience for the Academy team.

ESEA Open League Season 26 began on September 19th and on September 27th we faced Team Tahit in a match that lasted through 2 overtimes. KOZZYG scored an incredible 48 frags throughout a similarly astonishing total of 42 rounds. ESEA will also see the Academy team face up against Athletico’s Female team later in the season - not a match to be missed. Finishing on December 4th, ESEA will be a great opportunity for both teams to experience an extended tournament and develop their skills against a large variety of teams.

Academy are also participating in AOC CyberGamer Pro League Amatuer Spring Season. They currently sit in second place with seven wins and no losses. This league functions on a challenge system where teams are able to request games with one another, challenges are issued at the discretion of each team. Nonetheless, Academy have performed very well and are looking forward to all upcoming challenges.



  • Vin 'syliXgn' Tam (captain)
  • Todd 'Todd' Francis
  • Jacob '5HM3D' Pettus
  • Daniel 'NeophyteR' An
  • Nathapol 'Mud' Lailavitmongkol
  • Tanzim 'spas' Akram (sub)

Our Rainbow Six team have had a busy few months and have produced no shortage of exceptional results. Their next big tournament was the Ubisoft APAC Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 which commenced on September 12th, with the ANZ online playoffs in a double elimination, best of three between two group of four teams. The two groups are as follows:

Group A

  • Corvidae
  • Oracle Empyre
  • MindFreak Esports
  • Scylla Esports

Group B

  • Outlaws
  • Taboo Esports Club
  • Dedset
  • Athletico

Athletico played its first game against Dedset on Wednesday September 13th and emerged victorious with a final score of 2 - 0. Unfortunately, we suffered a loss against Taboo Esports on September 20th resulting in a score of 0 - 2. Not to be discouraged, Athletico fought back with against Outlaws on September 26th and achieved another 2 - 0 win. Our final match in the ANZ playoffs was on the following day against Group A victor, Mindfreak Esports, which resulted in a 0 - 2 defeat. Thus, lamentably, Athletico will not be continuing on to play in the APAC region Finals.

October 21st will see the APAC region’s Finals held as a LAN event in Sydney. There will be two Australian/New Zealand region teams competing alongside six other Asian teams who emerged victorious in their respective regions. The Global Finals will be held over three days, from November 17th-19th in São Paulo, Brazil. This event will consist of the top two APAC Finals teams and six other Global competitors.



  • Ben 'SmashBrutha Lehane (captain)
  • Adam 'Adam' Soong
  • Aiden 'Micro' Caldwell
  • Gabriel 'Gob' Boylan
  • Dale 'Signed' Tang
  • Ahren 'Ahren' Billing recently announced the creation of its Bi-Monthly Brawl with two divisions available for teams to participate in. The tournament will run for two months, and began on 24th September, with week break in between each set of matches. Division 1 is made of seven invited teams with the final position decided through victory in the One Day Competition, while Division 2 was open registration. The prize for the event is $1000 to be claimed, in total, by the first placed team.

ESL’s Season 2 of the Overwatch Open Division commenced on September 3rd with 19 teams competing for multiple Blizzard eCurrency prizes. Athletico currently sits in tied 3rd place alongside 4Legs and ViewSonic.DarkSided. With only 3 more rounds to play, it will be an exciting next few weeks for Athletico’s Overwatch team. The next match will be played against one of the strongest teams in the Oceanic region, 4Legs, on October 3rd. A victory would secure Athletico first place in the tournament. The Open Division will be concluded on October 17th.




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