Queensland University of Technology Real World Futures - eSports Showcase 2017

Wed 1st Nov 2017 - 8:50am : Gaming

On October 17th Queensland University of Technology hosted an eSports Showcase event at their Garden Point Campus in Brisbane, Queensland. The various zones held a multitude of activities and presentations available to the public. From Virtual Reality demonstrations and games, Overwatch and League of Legends tournaments in the Kindle Theatre to stalls run by big names in the eSports industry, there was something for everyone. Athletico’s very own Peter ‘PeetyG’ Souvlis and James ‘Jimneso’ Cowan attended the event and presented talks in ‘the Cube’. ‘PeetyG’, with his extensive experience in eSports organisations, spoke about what’s involved in both the management and development of eSports organisations in Oceania. ‘Jimneso’ drew on his time as a professional player and caster to talk about international experiences and professional gaming as a career. ‘PeetyG’ also participated in the pre-game casting in the Kindle Theatre alongside head of the QUT League of Legends club, Stewart Riesenweber.

The event was a fantastic chance to display the merits and inner workings of eSports in Oceania from both a player and an organisational perspective. Athleico appreciated the opportunity to broaden public knowledge of eSports and the various paths one can take when looking to enter the industry.

We at Athletico understand that, due to the many online tournaments and LANs held all over Australia, not everyone gets a chance to participate strongly or have a physical presence at an event. The online nature of eSports can make it difficult for everyone across the country to join in on every activity. As such, we try our best to have a firm presence at as many real-world expos and events as possible. We belive it is important to physically show our support for the fantastic Oceanic community and industry organisations that make these showcases, LANs and online tournaments possible.

 We’re looking forward to next year's QUT eSports Showcase and hope to see you there too!



Georgia Ainsworth

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