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Sun 29th Oct 2017 - 9:52am : General

CS:GO Male

Zen League Season 2 concluded on the 12th of October with a solid result from Athletico Gold. Kings Gaming Club achieved the first place position in the ANZ region after they defeated Grayhound Gaming 2-1. This left Athletico and Grayhound to battle it out for third place and a position in the LAN, which will be held in Sydney during the weekend of November 17th - 18th. Overall, Athletico put up a respectable fight and secured draws against Legacy and Chiefs. However, during a best of three against Grayhound, Athletico was defeated 0-2, the result of which saw both teams tied for third position. Despite this, the team is looking forward to the challenges that await in the coming months.

Throughout the AOC Cybergamer Spring Season 2017, Athletico Gold has had the opportunity to to play against many of the best Australian teams. The month of October saw a total of 2 series played against Chiefs and ViewSonic DarkSided with a loss and a win to each respectively. While an additional 2 were scheduled against Kings Gaming Club and Tainted Minds, due to unforeseen circumstances both teams forfeited resulting in a victory for Athletico. With a final score of 7 wins and 5 losses, Athletico placed 4th on the CyberGamer ladder, which is both a great success and an excellent learning opportunity for the team.

As the main competition has now been completed, the next and final stage will be a LAN event held at CyberGamer’s Adelaide studios over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of November. A total prize pool of around $12,000 will be divided between the four attending teams dependent on their finishing place. We are looking forward to putting our best efforts into the event and maintain a positive outlook for the coming weeks! Check out our social media for more information on stream links and times closer to the LAN dates - stay tuned!

After an eventful month with numerous games played in the ESEA Mountain Dew League, Athletico currently sit at 8th place on the ladder. Despite this, the team still has a few catch-up games to play that many of the higher ranking teams have already done, so this placement in by no means set in stone. The team has secured 5 victories since the competition began and suffered 4 defeats. The teams we were victorious against are as follows: ViewSonic DarkSided, Sin Gaming, Noxide, MastermindsGC and SYF Gaming- Turtle Beach. Our losses were against Legacy, Grayhounds, Seadoggs and Chiefs. This tournament will conclude in mid-November, as such, there are a further 4 weeks of games to be played.

As mentioned in the previous month’s newsletter, the highest ranked team in the Oceanic competition will have a chance to compete on an international level at the ESEA S26 Global Challenge. The top 8 teams from the current Mountain Dew League will receive a cash prize from a total pool of $6,000. With so many weeks to come, the team is looking forward to the challenge and the chance to, once again, compete on a global stage.

CS:GO Female

WPGI has been the primary tournament that has provided the Athletico Female team with great opportunities to hone their skills and play against a variety of opponents in Oceania. While this is not the first season WPGI has run, it is the first time that Athletico CS:GO Female has competed with its current lineup. As such, their achievement in securing a LAN spot for the finals is well-earned. Finishing in third place with 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss the Female team are looking to play against ViewSonic DarkSided, Kings Gaming Club and Control eSports in the finals. The LAN event will be held in Perth on the 11th and 12th of November. While securing a first place prize is the ultimate goal, even qualifying for LAN is exceptional for a team with such an untried lineup. Again, this an excellent chance for the players to contend in an often thrilling and challenging LAN environment. The event will consist of games in a best of three with a double elimination format. With a prize pool of $5000AUD, the team are determined to push themselves and fight to achieve their absolute best.

Tickets to the event are now available for what is shaping up to be an action-packed event - don’t miss out!

Ticket sales here

For LAN stream links please visit our social media outlets closer to the date.


The ESL Open has been a great experience for the Athletico Overwatch team in a scene where every tournament counts. The team had a fantastic final result with 5 wins and 2 losses, finishing 4th on the ladder. The top 8 teams in the Open series will go on to play in the Open Division Season 2 Playoffs, which will be double elimination and consist of best of fives. The Grand Final will be a best of seven series and will definitely be a challenge for both teams involved.

The first month of OCEOverwatch’s Bi-Monthly Brawl has concluded and resulted in 3 wins and 4 losses for the team. Due to the scarcity of tournaments in the Oceanic Overwatch scene, Bi-Monthly Brawl is an excellent opportunity for Athletico to compete against the top teams in the region. The competition will end on November 12th and the finals will be held a week later on the 19th of November. The team, naturally, will be aiming for the top and are looking to take home the $1000 prize pool. With only two weeks left to play, it is certainly an exciting time for Athletico Overwatch. 



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