Athletico Goes to PAX AUS!

Wed 1st Nov 2017 - 2:37pm : General

Day 1

As with every year, PAX was abuzz with excitement and anticipation before the doors had even been opened. Crowds of people from all walks of life streamed through Melbourne Exhibition Centre at 10am on a crisp Friday morning. No one can say that the masses who attend PAX AUS every year aren’t a colourful bunch. There were cosplayers from every game, film and tv show you could think of, teams, fans and industry professionals, indie and corporate alike. There is almost no better place for Athletico to strut our stuff - gaming competitions aside, of course!

We sent twelve of our best and brightest to scope out the scene and represent Athletico at this one-of-a-kind event. The day started with streamers KTLODO and Undead the Gamer in the ASUS booth playing off against some avid gamers chosen from the audience in a tense CS:GO 2v2. Thankfully, they were friendly matches and everyone walked away with satisfaction and ego intact - and some even with an ASUS snapback as a prize. After a solid gaming session, it was time to chill out and get to know one another. Our group chose Roccat booth for a chance to do some good, old-fashioned mingling.

Next up, and finally, our team whipped out their skills, yet again, for some rounds of CS:GO. Rayne and our CS:GO Female IGL, Brookeback, tested their finesse against members of the crowd. That was the end of our first day at PAX AUS as we geared up for the coming weekend.

Credit: Miggie

Day 2

The second day opened with a promotional shoot with our incredible sponsor, Roccat. With an impressive array of Roccat’s top gaming gear in hand, our team modelled their hearts our in front of the camera. We also had a chance to try out the action RPG, Path of Exile. Next up, it was back to the ASUS booth for some custom games of the famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, affectionately dubbed: PUBG. KTLODO and Undead took the stage next to display their own scavenging, plotting and shooting expertise.

Jeebs and Shifty prepared to further show the world Athletico’s mastery of the popular shooter in the afternoon session. As Shifty had never previously played PUBG, streamer Undead acted as his coach during the debut performance. Unfortunately, during their adventure across the map, Jeebs took it upon himself to eliminate Shifty with a vehicle and continue the match solo -  though he claims it was “unintentional”. This closed our second day at the event as we looked forward to the third and final day.

Credit: Miggie

Day 3

All good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out with a bang! Our Athletico PAX team took this mantra seriously as they began their day with a gaming gear demonstration, courtesy of Roccat. Their newest products were proudly on display, including detachable mouse accessories and the Suora Series FX keyboard. Following this, it was Shifty’s time to shine after he was cut down in his prime during the previous day’s PUBG disaster. Rainbow Six is where Shifty truly puts out his best and the Allstars tournament was an excellent opportunity to show it. Overall it was a memorable experience and a great chance to showcase the teams and players of the  R6 Oceanic community.

The remainder of daylight hours were spent playing PUBG in the ASUS booth, a game no one seems to tire of. The night brought a final round of excitement with an invitation to attend the ASUS VIP after party. As always, the team at ASUS were gracious hosts and it was an absolute pleasure to spend an evening relaxing and recuperating with them. Not to mention, the party was to celebrate the launch of ASUS’ newest laptop; the ASUS Republic of Gamers Zephyrus. After some chatting and a few turns on the new laptop, it was time to head home and to bed.

Although the sun has set on another fantastic PAX AUS weekend, it is not one the Athletico team will soon forget. Events like this are an invaluable part of the Oceanic gaming community and are always a joy to attend. We are all looking forward to what next year’s PAX has in store for us and we hope to see you there!

Credit: Miggie



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